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46 | Yātrā: Rethinking Pilgrimage in South Asia Through Art and Literature

id: ifjqn
Convenors: Daniela De Simone, Sara Mondini

The conveners seek to explore new modes of thinking about pilgrimage in South Asia that stem from the analysis of artistic and literary evidence. The aim of this panel is to develop a multidisciplinary theoretical framework that applies a relational approach to the study of pilgrimage in South Asia.

47 | Rethinking Relationships Between Anthropology, History and Theology in South Asian Religious Studies

id: bv6zv
Convenors: Arun Jones, Deepra Dandekar, Sarbeswar Sahoo

Anthropology, history and theology have traditionally employed differentiated theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of South Asian religions. This panel explores recent trends that integrate these different approaches in an interdisciplinary manner.

48 | Round Table: Contested Academic Spaces in South Asia

id: taqyt
Convenors: Eva Gerharz, Joanna Pfaff-Czarnecka

This round table looks into the ways in which students engage in prefigurative politics, how they anticipate and model university ‘differently’, how they anticipate alternative futures and how they work towards altering political spaces within the education system.

17 | Canceled: Institutionalized Yoga – Interdisciplinary Approaches to Yoga-Organizations in South Asia and Beyond

id: 151mg
Convenors: Raphaël Voix, Theo Wildcroft

This panel will focus on the institutionalization of yoga by the state in India and in other countries by carefully looking at individual actors, governmental and private organizations and their networks.

Canceled: Fabricating Development and Social Changes in the Indian Northeast

id: g3my1
Convenor: Ru-Yu Lin

The transnational region located in the Northeast of the Indian territory has long been constructed as a peripheral borderland and objectified as resources to reinstate the control of political powers. This panel will delineate the social and cultural constraints and refocus on indigenous subjects.

Canceled: Vernacular Literature, Migrant Experience and Resettlement in South Asian Cities

id: htty6
Convenors: Nicola Pozza, Sadan Jha

This panel invites papers which explore literary approaches to migration, dislocation and resettlement in the megacities of South Asia. The panel is particularly interested in fictions and autobiographical narratives in vernacular languages and coming from the post Emergency period.

Canceled: Cooking, Eating, Remembering: Dynamic Histories of Food, Culture, Knowledge, and Place in South Asia

id: 3q87j
Convenor: Jayeeta Sharma

This panel calls for papers to critically explore histories of food, culture, and place that constitute and contribute toward culinary knowledge, foodways, and culinary practices of, and from South Asia, its regions, localities, and borderlands.

Canceled: Testimonies and Interpretations of South Asian World War Experiences

id: shlpb
Convenor: Alaka Atreya Chudal

The panel focuses on the various forms of representing South Asian soldiers’ experiences of the two world wars in the twentieth century that were characterised by unprecedented violence and sacrifices.

Canceled: Vernacular Audiovisual Productions of Religious Experience: New Media, Small Media and Religious Performance in South Asia

id: 3w8db
Convenors: Carola Lorea, Priyanka Basu

How do media practices intersect with different religious performances? Unraveling assumptions about the power of media to change, corrupt or obliterate tradition, we explore the ways in which new or informal networks of vernacular and small media represent or convey religious performances.

Canceled: Indian Ocean Histories

id: ehrh7
Convenors: Kalpana Hiralal, Crispin Bates, Annie Devenish

The panel seeks to critically engage in the histories of the Indian Ocean, to create an understanding of not only cultures, peoples, and economies but also how we write histories that are less Eurocentric and indigenous to this region.