This project funded by the FWF (Austrian Science Fund, Project No. P24702-G21, 01.12.2012-30.06.2016) aimed to carry out fundamental research on art and rituals of the Bon religion and the underlying textual materials. The project goals had developed over the past twenty years, when research on Tabo monastery also financed by the FWF, revealed the probable presence of Bon culture. This research brought Klimburg-Salter into contact with contemporary Bon masters and their monastic communities and this earlier work defined the three axes of the project research which focused on the Bon Ritual Art, from the production of the artistic components to their total performative ritual context, including reference to the textual sources.

Project Leader

Deborah Klimburg-Salter

Project members

Uwe Niebuhr, Jürgen Schörflinger, Linda Lojda, Petra Latschenberger, Kami Gurung, Pema Pengyu, Charles Ramble (2012-2014)


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